about Gwangmyeong City

Gwangmyeong, once a satellite city of Seoul with 150,000 residents in 1981, has become one of the most promising city in Korea, with the population of 350,000. The remarkable change makes the saying,

‘Mulberry plantations have changed into a sea’ even more impressive.

Also, the great toil made by the citizens for the past 34 years is now becoming a driving force for opening up a bright future.

Now, Gwangmyeong has become a major traffic point leading to everywhere in the country based on the Gwangmyeong KTX Station, which is gearing to serve as a heart place for transportation and distribution in preparation for the united Korea.

With a series of global enterprises attracted to the city, over 20 million people visited the Gwangmyeong KTX Station area, allowing Gwangmyeong to stand as the best city in transportation, culture, tourism and economy.

Since 2011, more than 1,000 public officials and citizens, with their imagination and passion, have transformed an abandoned coal mine into the only natural cave attraction for tourists in metropolitan area. More than 900,000 people have visited the cave in just 8 months after it reopened its door with the charge of entrance fee last April, achieving the ‘miracle of exhausted mine’ by creating city revenue of more than 3.6 billion won and 217 new local jobs.

In addition, our city has gained a reputation as the city of education and innovation as well as culture and welfare, being selected as the safest city and its highest administrative capacity in the country.

I will move forward with pride and passion based on ‘What Gwangmyeong does becomes a standard’. Also, I will do my utmost efforts to realize city’s goal of human rights-based city and happy city.

Keeping beginner’s mind, I will not forget the beginner’s mind. Under the firm city principle of ‘Citizen first’ and ‘Public welfare’, I will continue to keep our goal that we can dream together, make together and share together. I will move on together with our citizens.Gwangmyeong’s future can be only built together with our citizens. I ask for your continued support and cooperation so that citizens can become a center for our city and achieve a transformation that they sincerely desire for.

Once again, I truly wish everyone in Gwangmyeong city joy and happiness.

Thank you.
Ki Dae  Yang, Mayor of Gwangmyeong